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Corka Rubber Mat, Non Slip Exercise Cork Mat, All-Purpose Fitness Mat

Usage yoga, gym, and everyday exercise
Size 183*61*0.6/0.8CM/Custom
Material Cork,Netural Rubber
Color origin color/ full print
Custom Services Yes
Email info@pandasporting.com
Phone/whatsapp +86 18621021122
+86 18621021122
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About this item

Sourced and packaged from sustainable material - This eco friendly yoga mat is made solely of renewable organic cork and natural tree tapped rubber, a denser higher quality backing than TPE or recycled rubber. Stay grounded in your practice knowing your cork yoga mat comes from the earth, is free of TPE, PVC, or toxic glues, and no trees were harmed in its making. Our packaging is also plastic free.

Portability & Comfort - This environmentally friendly yoga mat is perfectly balanced between having a portable design while maintaining comfort compared to other natural rubber yoga mats that can weigh over 10 lbs.

Safe & Secure - Our rubber and cork yoga mats are naturally odor resistant, non-toxic, sweat absorbing, non-slip when damp, and especially grippy in hot and steamy conditions, perfectly suited for Bikram, hot yoga, Vinyasa, and any other Hatha yoga of your choice. Feel safe and secure while you exercise, because this sustainable yoga mat doesn't budge, or leach plastics.

Conveniently designed for all - PANDA's natural rubber cork yoga mat consistently lies flat, never curls, and sized to fit all types of yogis and athletes. If meditative practices like Yin, and restorative are more your style, this socially conscious natural yoga mat will help facilitate grounding and connection with the earth. Additionally, our flexible cork exercise mat is resistant to cracking when creased.

Donates to reforestation projects - PANDA   is a small US family business dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability practices. We contribute a portion of our profits to reforestation projects to operate our business carbon neutral.

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Product Description

Elevate your practice with PANDA's organic cork and natural rubber yoga mat.

Stay Grounded

This rubber cork mat helps you stay grounded (literally and figuratively) in your practice by providing a secure non-slip surface that won't curl, crack or crease. We source our cork exercise mat responsibly from sustainable bark, without cutting down trees.

Non Toxic Yoga Mats

Your health and wellness is our priority. Our non toxic yoga mats are free of plastics, TPE, PVC, PE, providing a safe and natural alternative option. Because its made from natural materials, you can expect an earthy bark scent for the first few uses.

Portable and Comfortable Organic

Cork, and rubber are naturally dense and heavy compared to traditional TPE yoga mats, averaging around 10 lbs. While ours isnt the lightest in the market, it weighs in at 5.7 lbs, maintaining a balance between portability and a comfortable supportive cushion of 3 mm.

Suitable for All

Sized 72" long 24" wide 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm   thick choosable, our natural cork yoga mat suits all types of athletes and yogis.

Low Maintenance Design

Our cork yoga mat is naturally odor resistant, meaning you can spend less time cleaning and more time focusing on your practice.

We Donate to Reforestation Projects

Although this sustainable yoga mat is made of stripped bark instead of cut trees, we still feel compelled to help mother nature by contributing to carbon offsetting reforestation projects.

Care Instructions

Our all natural yoga mat doesn't require specialty yoga mat cleaner sprays, but will benefit from the occasional rinse. Allow the exercise mat to completely dry between rinses and steamy sessions. To prolong the life of the exercise mat, avoid creasing. Store and transport the yoga mat rolled with the included organic hemp yoga strap.

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